See the Watch Crown

As we all know, due to the low production cost of replica watches and the cheap materials of some watches, fake watches cannot be compared with high-quality replica watches at all. The assembled watch cannot see anything, which also makes it difficult to identify fake watches. The Rolex Submariner Replica 126610LN is not only deeply carved on the crown and gears, but also polished and smooth. There are some fake watches with little effort on the crown in order to control costs. It is generally an open mold casting, which is very rough.

Like the original, the Rolex Submariner Replica 126610LN has luminous effect on its pointers. Whether you put the watch in the dark or take it out at night, you can clearly see the time. However, the needles of the fake watch are rough, there are burrs on the edges, and the luminous paint is unevenly applied. In this case, it can be very easily to distinguish the high-quality replica from the fake submariner.